Sunday, 10 November 2013

Developing With Cascades For BlackBerry 10 - Creating An Application Menu

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Settings, Help and About sections in your application or game are very important to the user. Want to know how to add them to your application? Then carry on reading...

An application menu is very easy to integrate, you can add it to your existing project very easily by placing the code just under your 'Tabbed Pane' or 'Navigational Pane'. For example,

As you can see, we are using sheets to achieve the application menu; this is one of many methods but is probably the easiest to do. Below is an example of a settings page,

There you have it! An easy and simple way to integrate an application menu into your BlackBerry 10 Native Cascades application!

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Toby Clench

Toby is the studio's webworks programmer who mainly focusses on apps but also likes to learn how to code games and help out with design.

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